Since the creation of the University of Virginia, The Corner operated as the town’s primary commercial and residential district. Students designated this name after the corner formed by the entrance of U.Va.’s grounds and the main road. For the University’s first students, The Corner conveniently featured grocers, barbers, tailors, shoemakers, and druggists. These shops supplied students with a variety of objects such as furniture, lamp oil, blank books, tobacco, boots, and hot baths.

Since then, The Corner evolved to form five city blocks of bustling activity. Whether at night or during the day, visitors are sure to experience a lively atmosphere that resonates the feeling of a college town. While visiting The Corner, guests can find a variety of shops including bookstores, gift shops, restaurants, and residences. The Virginian restaurant, the oldest eatery in Charlottesville, and Mincer’s Pipe Shop remain two popular spots on The Corner. Looking for places to eat near U.Va. grounds? Check out the Charlottesville Guide’s restaurants listings HERE.