Point of Honor


Point of Honor is a historical home that preserves and interprets Lynchburg’s history. Officially built in 1815, Point of Honor is a Federal-style home and part of the Lynchburg Museum System. Historians chose to restore the house as it was from 1815-1830, the Era of Good feelings. During this period, Dr. George Cabell owned the plantation home, eventually passing it off to his son, William Lewis Cabell, after he and his wife’s deaths.

Although the Cabell Family period represents an important era, the property around Point of Honor held great significance prior to 1815. Before the construction of the house, the land was once wilderness and home to various Native American tribes, including the Monacan Indians. The Monacans came to the region to fish and hunt. Unfortunately, the Monacans faced attacks from rival tribes and diseases from Europeans who gradually settled in the region. As a result, the few Monacans that remained moved into Amherst County and northwest along the James River.

Later in 1745, more settlers poured into the region. An Englishman and descendent of Pocahontas, John Bolling, received a patent along the James River. A year later, Bolling sold the land to Captain Charles Lynch. In 1765, his son, Christopher Lynch inherited the land, beginning the era of Lynch ownership. Although historians continue to uncover more information from this period, they suspect that Lynch built a small home on the land at this time. Archeological evidence also suggests the existence of slaves and livestock on the property. From research, historians concluded that the lands were settled and inhabited for at least thirty years before George Cabell purchased them in 1805.

With a plethora of information to explore from various decades and centuries, Point of Honor is a must-see attraction in Lynchburg, Virginia. Stop by for guided tours, field trips, hands-on-programs, and camps!



Adults: $6

Seniors over 60: $5

College Students: $4

Children 6-17: $3

Under 6: FREE

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The parking lot for Point of Honor is located off of Norwood Street directly across from the Carriage House Gift Shop where you purchase tickets to begin the tour.

Location & Hours

112 Cabell Street
Lynchburg, VA 24504


Monday – Saturday 10am to 4pm
Sunday noon to 4pm

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